How to Celebrate a Birthday from Home!

In this difficult time, we need to create ways for our kids to have as much fun and normalcy as possible. That’s why we’ve put together a list of birthday party activities that you can do from home under quarantine!

At-Home Activities


First, you want to make sure your house is in the party spirit! Streamers, banners, and other decorations you have is a must, but you can also create a photo collage in the shape of the number (turning 5, in the shape of a 5) your child is turning! You may even want to build a fort while they are sleeping the night before so that you can use it throughout the day to play games, read books, and so on.

Neighbor Birthday Parade

You may have seen posters on cars or heard car horns from this type of birthday celebration recently. This special drive-by birthday surprise can include family/friends and some towns’ Police/EMT.

Treasure Hunt

What better way to have your child receive their birthday gifts than with a treasure hunt throughout the house? You can leave smaller gifts at clues and then the biggest gift at the last stop of the treasure hunt.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Another fun idea to stay moving is to assemble an obstacle course in the backyard! And parents, don’t sit this one out!

Make Your Own Pizzas

You can either purchase any supplies you need to make a pizza party or take advantage of local restaurants offering pizza kits. Then, gather the household together and have everyone make their own personal pizza to their liking!

Virtual Celebrations

Birthday Greeting Videos

Get your child’s friends to send you short birthday greeting video clips before the big day and put them together to show your child on their birthday. This is both fun to watch now and to keep for the future!

Video Chat with Friends and Family

Have relatives and your child’s friends join a video chat and use multiple devices placed at the kitchen table to have them watch the birthday child blow out their candles! That way, everyone will be able to share your child’s birthday.

Virtual Classes

There are a multitude of painting , arts & crafts, and easy baking classes being offered via Facebook livestreams. Some of them will charge a fee per child or household but some are even free! Take a look at those and other livestream classes being offered on Facebook events, such as puppet shows, kids yoga, and dance.

Some other fun ideas include:

  • Consider purchasing Jackbox for your gaming console and have the perfect party game session with friends at home on mobile devices!
  • There’s also Drawception – It’s like the “Telephone” game for drawing!

Remember, you can try these activities even if it’s not your child’s birthday. Everyone needs to take some time to have fun and just relax. If you’re looking for more ideas, there are a multitude of options available online.   

Wishing your child a very happy birthday from home!🎉