Cool Birthday Party Themes for Summer

Keep your kids’ summer birthday parties fun and entertaining!

With these amazing summer party themes, you can add bells & whistles to their big day by taking the celebrations outside. And that too, with no fear of getting infected. So grab confetti and order a cake, we’ve got the themes covered for you. 

  1. An Ice Cream Alley

It’s all about the season’s sweetest treat! A birthday party with no ice cream swirls is like Thanksgiving with no Turkey. While the party is in full swing, set up a side table for cones & cups filled with different flavors of ice cream. Forget the turns, the kids are gonna devour ‘em all in one go.

  1. Splashing Pool Party

A scorching sun outside calls for a chill pool themed party. This can add a “WOW” factor in your little one’s birthday bash because the party has just got started! Gather your guests and family near the pool area, set up the look with a fringe, pool toys, soap bubbles and some chill drinks. Whoa! 

  1. Watercolor Fun Feast

Now that’s something interesting which you would’ve never experienced before in other birthday parties. What’s fun without some watercolor splash? Arrange a side table with plenty of white sheets, a handful of watercolors and brushes. Leave the kids there with some snacks and believe us – they’ll have the most engaging time ever. 

  1. Cultural Carnival Theme

Kids who hate carnival are kids who don’t exist (or at least we haven’t met one yet). You don’t have to do anything extra, it will be subtle in the style of trends. 

Set up an outdoor carnival that includes face painting, balloons garlands, water balloon station, chocolate foundation and hip-hop hurdle – VOILA! Your kid’s birthday party is about to rock!

  1. Themed Costume Party

Costumes don’t just say Halloween. Sometimes, they say birthday parties too. While giving out a birthday invitation for your kid’s party, ask the parents to dress their child in a costume related to the theme. A costume – whichever suits them! 

  1. Rainbow Art Colorful Party

It’s time to combine vibrant colors, bright steamers and handcrafts to get the party started! Kids love colors and setting up a rainbow-themed party will simply make their big day even better! 

Assign different colors to each child attending and ask them to dress up according to the theme. Include fun activities like Yarn Trail Game, Rainbow Dart Board and create side jar filled with colorful sticky notes where they can write their birthday wishes.

Ordering a unicorn cake for the party would be a perfect fit!