Attractions and Activities for
Your Child’s Birthday Party

Physical activities are not only good for your health, they are also a lot of fun, especially when done with friends and family. Our facility provides various attractions where your party can PLAY BIG together. Every party can be customized to make your event something to remember.

Test your throwing hand to catch various targets on the wall. Variety of games will make for laughter and healthy competition. (Recommended for 4 years and up)

Step into an interactive environment that will test your reflexes, coordination and team work. Single or multi-player that gets you jumping, stepping and touching to beat the clock. (Recommended for 4 years and up)


Experience the Big Ninja Race! A two-story adventure with a 2,000 square foot obstacle course that includes a warped wall and a mega slide with our big finish will surely stir up your guests’ competitive spirit. (recommended for 4 years old and up)


Buckle your seat belts and get ready for a fun ride. Bump your friends and send them for a spin or spin yourself. This will be a smashing good time! (Must be 36 inches tall to take a spin)

  • Go against your friends in a snipper shoot down championship
  • Gelly Balls guns – recommended for 6 years old and up
  • Nerf Blat guns – recommended for 8 years old and up
  • Team against team shoot off. Strategies to shoot the targets down or shoot at the other team so they can’t get the points. (recommended for 8 years old and up)
  • Nerf wars – bring yours or rent ours for a full-on battel in our arena. (recommended for 8 years old and up)


Do you remember the traditional foosball game that you loved to play growing up? Now, you can step inside the game with all your friends. Play big in a life-size version of the classic for a nonstop action! (recommended for 5 years old and up) can be transformed into mini soccer game for younger parties

Galaxy Wars

Arm yourself against an Alien Invasion & team up with your friend or go head-2-head to defend the world! Our GellyBall Blasters shoot over 600 Orbeez which are the best weapons against these invaders!


Engage your mind trying to complete a mission to save the world. Beat the clock or beat your friends, but avoid those lazes in an interactive room with various challenges for all ages.


Our facility has a variety of video and arcade games for your amusement. You can also test your skills with our cranes. Collect your points, and have a chance to bring home the big prize.


Wax hands activity can make your party a great success as well as a very memorable keepsake of your event. We create customized and colorful wax molds of your hands on the spot! (recommended for 5 years old and up)


The little ones should not feel left out of the fun. Our little zone is designed for big fun and soft play. It’s perfect for the younger siblings who are not quite ready to romp with the big kids.

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